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Wall of Fame Incentive Program

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MDMHA is proud to offer and implement the WOF Incentive Program in addition to our current Year End and Day End Awards programs. The purpose of this program is to officially recognize the miniature horses who have excelled during their show career at MDMHA shows. Horses would be "inducted" into the WOF Program, which would be a permanent lifetime achievement.
How the Program Works:
This is a horse only point accrual program (unlike our Year or Day End Awards). All points go to the horse regardless of who or how many exhibitors show the horse. The point system is as follows:
  • 1st = 6 pts
  • 2nd = 5 pts
  • 3rd = 4 pts
  • 4th = 3 pts
  • 5th = 2 pts
  • 6th = 1 pt

Points can be accrued in the following divisions:
  • Halter
  • Driving/Driving Obstacle (both classes are one division)
  • Hunter/Jumper (both classes are one division)
  • Trail Obstacle In-Hand
  • Showmanship
There will be specific levels of points recognition. Once a horse has achieved a certain level, recognition will be given. Points will continue to "roll-over" from year to year and will accrue so higher levels of recognition may be achieved.
The Points Levels and Awards System will be as follows:
  • Bronze - 50+ pts per division          Award: certificate
  • Silver - 100+ pts per division          Award: certificate, other award*
  • Gold - 150+ pts per division           Award: certificate, other award*
  • Superior - 200+ pts per division     Award: certificate, other award(s)*
  • (* = to be determined; various awards may include an embroidered halter, jacket, or cooler/blanket, plaque, or other tack, etc.)
Rules and Guidelines
  1. You must enroll to participate in this program. Fee is $25 per horse per year for unlimited divsions. Enrollment forms are available on-line at our website or at the Show Booth. You may enroll at any time, however point accrual will not begin until form is completed and fee is paid. A new enrollment form/$25 per horse is required each year to stay current in the program.
  2. Horse owner OR exhibitor must be a current MDMHA member while enrolled during the program.
  3. Points stay with the horse during the course of its show career with MDMHA. In the event of the horse changing ownership, points will be maintained regardless. It is the new owner's responsibility to keep the incentive paperwork current. Expired paperwork will result in temporary loss of point accrual.
  4. If the horse reaches the maximum level of points in a division (200+ points), the horse may start the Incentive Points system over again while holding the title "Superior WOF Winner/Champion" in that divsion.
  5. All WOF participants who have acheived their level of points recognition in their division will be honored and awarded at the end of each year at the MDMHA Year End Awards Banquet held each November. 
For more info or questions, contact Kris Morgan, Secretary/Incentive Program Coordinator: 717-328-3646 or email:

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